Research projects

The platform intends to be a proactive place, stimulating the emergence and creation of R & D projects.


Research services and services with high added value

The objective of the platform is to provide to industries abilities of outsourced R & D, through skills and high performing equipment.

The ambition is to offer new opportunities for raw materials valorisation or to find solutions to complex analytical problems :

  • Development of methods of extraction or analyses of raw materials, using techniques and equipments for which companies have no access.
  • Control on the composition of the extracts with essential performing analytical methods for quality reasons (reproducibility of the extracts supplied on the market) and for safety (prohibited products, allergens pesticides, REACH).
  • Development of new methods to process raw materials, representing the possibility to identify new ingredients likely valuable for other applications.
  • Development of methods anticipating regulatory applications.

An original service supply

In comparison with traditional analytical service supplies, ERINI, by its nature, is positioning in a radically different way :

  • providing specific services to the flavours, fragrances and cosmetic industries
  • basing on a dynamic associative collaborative
  • anticipating business needs well in advance (eg, future regulatory changes, innovations, identification of new natural raw materials ...).

Current PhD in ERINI

PhD 1 : "Metabolomics of natural"

Calendar: thesis started in 02/2012

PhD 2: "Analysis of Pesticides'

Calendar: thesis started in 01/2012