ERINI device is a partnership of public and private research, whose ambition is to become an international laboratory of excellence in the field of characterization of natural extracts, with 3 major research themes :

The study of degradation mechanisms of aromatic products of the industry (eg oxidation reactions) and characterization of by-products of aging witnesses and / or potentially allergenic

The identification and quantification of substances in extracts one hand, improve the value of natural raw materials to other markets (pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, etc. ..) and else part, control their quality (product search or residual contamination)

Authentication of the natural (naturalness) to guarantee the origin and quality of the extracts, and thus thwart fraudulent

These research programs are part of projects of general interest,formalized by the Scientific Council of ERINI in response to the needs of members.

They are also part of the research and development programs accredited by the Pole Pass.
Among these are indeed a number of projects whose aim is to ensure product quality, consumer safety and environmental (regulatory, certification), which implies a perfect scientific and technological mastery of natural extracts.

Finally, the platform is open to all companies face an analytical problem ERINI which is able to respond specifically and confidentially, in the form of service delivery in R & D and collaboration.