Chemical analysis

Through its platform of Analytical Chemistry, ERINI provides its expertise and its instruments "high-tech" in the service of analyzing natural ingredients.


From raw material to extract natural finale ...

Analyzes supported by ERINI concern both the raw materials of animal and vegetable origin (flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, gums and resins ...) their final extracts, whatever the industrial process from which they originate:
  • expression (essences and oils)
  • stripping with steam or hydro-distillation (essential oils)
  • solvent extraction, with or without water (concretes, absolutes, resinoids, extracted hydro-alcoholic ...)
  • supercritical fluid extraction (extracts CO2)
  • production and biotechnological modification
  • other processes (lyophilization, cooking ...)

Isolate, characterize, quantify ...

Given the complexity of natural extracts and diversity studies entrusted our investigations lead us to optimize every step of the chemical analysis:
  • preparation of extracts and fractionations
  • sample treatment to target a family phytochemical purifying active isolate and concentrate a substance to trace ...
  • qualitative analysis to characterize an extract (profile), elucidate the chemical structure of an unknown compound, knowing its chiral configuration ...
  • quantitative analysis to determine the amount of substances of interest, with or without a valid method

Most analytical developments fall into one of 3 thematic research priority ERINI. They are essentially based on mass spectrometry coupled to gas chromatography or liquid, depending on whether the analytes are volatile or non-volatile.

A platform for mass spectrometry and chromatographic techniques ..

To meet different needs, ERINI platform is equipped with analytical instruments both complementary and specific performance, mass spectrometry (low or high resolution) coupled with various chromatographic techniques

  • 1 high resolution mass spectrometer time of flight (QTOF Xevo G2, Sté WATERS) coupling with UHPLC or GC or direct introduction
  • 2 mass spectrometers, single and triple quadrupole coupling with GC (GC-MS and GC-MS/MS 5973 7000 Sté AGILENT)
  • 1 liquid chromatography system semipreparative with PDA detector and ELSD (self-purification Decomposition Systems, Co WATERS)
  • Other analytical techniques and sample preparation: GC-FID and UPLC-PDA, SPME, HS dynamic and static SPE, various distillation assembly..