ERINI platform is managed by an association according to "Act 1901".
Its members can take part in the life of the association and research projects are defined collectively in the context of this governance.


Board of Directors

Since its creation, the governance of the association ERINI is provided by a Board of Directors responsible for defining the strategic axes of the platform.

To ensure the correct functioning of the Association, the Board of Directors
  • has established internal rules
  • interacts directly with the operational team of the platform
  • meets into the General Assembly once a year in Grasse

Scientific Committee

To decide on strategic research, the Board relies on a Scientific Committee composed of members and referent experts.

The Scientific Committee guarantees the scientific policy of ERINI.
Its role is to :
  • define the general interest program in response to the needs expressed by the members
  • be consulted and involved in all scientific guidelines governing the choice of the association: definition of thematic work, choosing new equipment, recruitment of scientists...
  • have a role in generating ideas to launch innovative projects