Sensory analysis

Sensory evaluation is needed as a strategic tool in the service of essential R & D, quality and marketing.
It offers a wide range of sensory tests (descriptive, discriminative and hedonic) whose aim is to effectively implement

our goals

  • put at the disposal of companies and organizations in the sector aromatic and cosmetic cell sensory analysis at the heart of Grasse basin
  • provide training in applied sensory evaluation of natural ingredients for the industry players
  • help manufacturers implement this tool with high added value in their service

our means

The sensory analysis laboratory of ERINI is in compliance with the AFNOR V 09-105.

It has 4 individual cabins tasting located in a mastered :
    • neutral (white walls ..)
    • white light and uniform
    • temperature controlled room (air conditioning)
    • ventilation of the room for a permanent renewal atmosphere and a sample preparation room

    our strengths

      • geographical location in the heart of Grasse basin, historic capital of flavors and fragrances
      • a privileged network of industry experts aromatic and cosmetic
      • high adaptability and flexibility to meet your needs

        Our outlook for 2013 ...

        ERINI wants to invest in a gas chromatography - olfactometry (GC-O) in order to:

        • pooled with tool manufacturers in the industry
        • complete the technical support of high technology
        • respond to specific issues (study of off-flavors, olfactory impact of packaging on the finished product ..)