Platform ERINI

Device partnership of public and private research, the platform ERINI (European Research Institute on Natural Ingredients) offers cosmetic and aromatic chain strategic capacity analysis and innovative natural products.


Knowledge and valorisation of natural ingredients

Natural products are experiencing continuous growth for several years and open to the aromatic and cosmetic industry important opportunities for development. The real challenge is for the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, whose economic development depends on the numerous companies in the sector aromatic installed on its territory. Their historical expertise in the exploitation of natural raw materials remains internationally recognized. However, the control of complex natural substances is a challenge for the industry.

It requires effective technologies and scientific expertise of the highest level to meet the needs of characterization, quantification and authentication extracts.

Innovation Platform ERINI dedicated analytical chemistry of natural extracts, was created specifically to answer to this need.

Activities sensory analysis and training complement its service

Combining of public and private research

ERINI involves all key actors in the research from the academic or private sector, to develop collaborative projects on natural ingredients and support the competitiveness of the aromatic and cosmetic industry.